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Kinkajou Kinkajou :  What did they teach you about fibromyalgia in medical school?

Dr Xxxxx DR Xxxxx :  Nothing except to heap ridicule on the diagnosis. We were taught that fibromyalgia sufferers are malingerers or psychiatrically ill. There are no blood tests to confirm the presence or absence of the condition. In fact, many doctors would argue that it even exists. "I am a lot more sympathetic myself".

Malingerer Malingerer

Hedging your bets: Disbelief of a sort.


Erasmus Erasmus : Giving its victims, the benefit of a doubt, you would have to say that Fibromyalgia is indeed a widely known but little understood condition or syndrome.

Erasmus  Tell us what you know regarding fibromyalgia. Do you really think that fibromyalgia is just another manifestation of Paill Spectrum?

Dr Xxxxx DR Xxxxx :  Fibromyalgia is often diagnosed when a Rheumatologist (a medical specialist), cannot confirm the presence of a classical autoimmune disorder such as SLE (Lupus) or Rheumatoid, but when there is obviously something wrong with the patient.  (The classical autoimmune diseases are collectively also known as Connective Tissue diseases).The significance of symptoms of fibromyalgia under the Paill Spectrum model is that the aches and pains in the fibromyalgia syndrome represent one of the symptom clusters (tendon aches and pains, muscle aches) that are characteristic of the Paill Spectrum Infection. However, there is much more to consider.



Typical symptoms of fibromyalgia include:

Pain in muscles and tendons, tiredness, chronic fatigue and being tired after exercise. The Paill Spectrum model of the Fibromyalgia Syndrome would add symptoms such as sweaty hands, dizziness, or loss of balance, depression and memory loss. These symptoms may be variably present. Prolonged tiredness after exercise is a characteristic Paill Spectrum syndrome.

Most doctors have heard of the Fibromyalgia syndrome but would have little knowledge of how to diagnose or treat the condition. In fact, many doctors would doubt that the syndrome even exists. The Paill Spectrum model offers a new approach to treatment of Fibromyalgia that does not involve steroids or cytotoxic medications such as Methotrexate. The Paill Spectrum model suggests that blood tests can indeed be used to diagnose and treat the condition.



Erasmus Erasmus : So what treatments would you recommend?

Dr Xxxxx DR Xxxxx :  There are many different layers of possible treatments. Even food and supplements used appropriately: doing the right thing for the right reason can make a huge difference. Herbal medications are useful. Antibiotics can be useful and critical but should never be considered as an "end all" answer to treatment. Strangely even cytotoxic medications such as methotrexate and other drugs can make a substantial difference, if used in the right timings and combinations for the right reasons.

Herbal MedsHerbal and Nutritional Medications

The Paill Spectrum Model of Fibromyalgia
makes a Different Prediction of Symptoms:

The most common symptoms are tenderness in tendons or in tendon attachment points


Typically these may involve:

Bones may be affected: e.g. pain in the Pubic Bones. (Pubic symphysis to be exact) 

Many Patients have other sore sites as well: such as para-aortic / pancreatic distribution tenderness. These sites probably represent para-aortic sympathetic ganglionitis. Something, I am afraid most doctors have never even considered as a diagnosis. Any doctors who deal with abdominal complaints are probably very familiar with the finding of tenderness in these areas. They would usually only say that it is just normal to find this in these areas of the body.

Trigger points do occur, but they are not really that common in fibromyalgic illness. Surprisingly many of these tender areas (usually being tendonitis), are not noticed until people or their doctors begin to check for signs of tenderness. They are remarkably symptom free. The few patients who have trigger points complain bitterly about them, as they interfere with their life activities considerably. 


Erasmus Erasmus : Summarizing, the Paill Spectrum model of disease as developed by Dr. Xxxxx suggests that perhaps the most important symptom is the subjective impression of aches, pains and tenderness in the upper body of the affected person. (Tenderness is pain when you press. Sore areas can be painful but not tender, depending on what is going on). Many patients, often present with no or very little subjective experience of tenderness.


Kinkajou Kinkajou :  So what do you think of Paill Spectrum , Dr. AXxxxx?

Dr AXxxxx Dr. AXxxxx : Paill Spectrum represents an efficient and deadly mechanism. Pain symptoms , (easily identified), represent a chink in the germ's armour that unfortunately allows easy diagnosis. Most idiot doctors would probably just give you some painkillers. This is sort of like a little boy sticking a finger in a dyke and hoping for the best. The worst is inevitable in these circumstances. But enough , Dr. Xxxxx you have the floor again.

Dr Xxxxx DR Xxxxx :  Typically, the sore areas will respond to pain killers. However, if this is adopted as a therapy direction, doctors and patients will find over three to nine months that the dose of painkiller required to control the symptoms begins to rise. The Paill Spectrum model of disease I developed suggests that a number of people are driven to accelerate their drug or painkiller usage to attempt to obtain relief from the discomfort frequently associated with the condition. Some of these people may seek painkillers sufficiently to become labeled as addicts or as "addicted" to painkillers.  Others are labeled as malingerers or put on psychiatric medications.

Dr AXxxxx Dr. AXxxxx :  Yes, if you bomb the victims out enough, they will stop complaining. Then again, maybe the pain just means that you are depressed! Honestly, where did these idiot doctors learn the art of medicine from the back of a corn flakes packet.

Dr Xxxxx DR Xxxxx :  In all fairness, there are no other diagnoses to make. So the doctors make one they know, no matter how irrational or inappropriate.
Many of these patients have stopped exercising in an attempt to avoid the prolonged tiredness or aches precipitated by exercise.

Kinkajou Kinkajou :  These comments are interesting, but how does the Paill Spectrum model give you a different outlook on this condition?

Dr Xxxxx DR Xxxxx :  There are a number of other basic symptoms which the Paill Spectrum Model of Fibromyalgia predicts, in contrast to the standard medical model of the disease:
Sweaty Hands
Mood, Anger & Irritability. :-z

Angry Face Angry Faces : common in Paill Spectrum.


Dr AXxxxx Dr. AXxxxx : Yes I am particularly drawn to seemingly insightful bits of research, which really reflect the stumblings of bamboozled morons. For example, researchers have apparently discovered that there is an increased risk of developing a proper psychiatric diagnosis if a patient has fibromyalgia. This is the equivalent of saying that people with an advanced form of a disease, have a higher risk of showing "other" symptoms of that same disease.

 Dr AXxxxx Dr. AXxxxx : My comment as always is : "You're kidding . You actually paid money for this .

Dr Xxxxx DR Xxxxx : I think billions of dollars are spent on the pursuit of the truths, for the furtherance of science and knowledge and in the hope of finding a cure. Trillions are spent on a range of treatments including psychological therapies.

Dr AXxxxx Dr. AXxxxx : Only an idiot would treat a serious physical disease with medicines that work on the "psychology" of the ill people. I would love to see someone cured of the flu or HIV because someone gave them a good talking to. These treating idiot doctors can't be reasoned with as well. They know the answers even when they have no idea. They don't know the limits of their own knowledge and understanding. Still it is gratifying to see how much money effort and time is spent chasing some of the most misguided advice in the Galaxy. To label a human as a malingerer or even a liar is to fail to grasp the essence of what it is to be a human. Humans are cooperative and helpful and seek to please. Where a human acts ill and foolish, or exhibits abnormal behaviour, irritability , anger or poor judgment, there is a reason.

Dr Xxxxx DR Xxxxx :  A Paill Spectrum reason, I believe.


Dr AXxxxx Dr. AXxxxx : Giving an opinion on the obverse, telling these sick people that's it's all in their head is actually true to some extent.

Neurones in your Head Paill Spectrum is a disease of neurones.

Unfortunately, it's a real disease cooking off their neurones until they lose the ability to speak, to think and to wipe their own bums. I don't think the Paill Organism responds to a good talking to. Only an idiot would be suborned by the thought that it's all imaginary and in your head. It's actually ,very real and very much in your head.