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Dr Xxxxx DR Xxxxx : 

Suggested Treatments for Fibromyalgia/Tendonitis/ Wrist or Elbow Pain Syndromes  Includes:

Always start with basic Paill Spectrum treatment: a good broad spectrum Multivitamin delivering RDI (recommended daily intake) levels of vitamins. Use daily, long-term and regularly.

Assess if you have low grade wheat allergy symptoms or a partially positive blood test: (non-Celiac). If you do, reduce your wheat intake to the level required for control of your wheat symptoms.

Wear gloves at night or generally keep the hands warmer at night
Heat to the body and hands is useful. The heat needs to be “safe: i.e. 40 degrees Celsius maximum to be useful. Avoid “hot” heat therapy. This damages the hands as cells are not designed to survive at high temperature. At fever warmth temperatures, the immune system works at its peak. If people use very hot heat, almost invariably someone ends up burning themselves.

Checking for Chest tenderness Checking for Chest Tenderness

Avoid Wrist Stretch during work or activity. Keep the wrist straight. If you cannot do this yourself, perhaps get a wrist splint.
Wear an elbow warmer at night: It is important to achieve more warm hours per day at the elbow. Antibiotic and nutritional therapy can both be largely negated by failure to heat the body part to at least 37 degrees Celsius.

Heat to the Elbow during the day is also useful. Again, follow the principle of hours per day warm, but not hot. The heat needs to be “safe: i.e. 40 degrees Celsius maximum to be useful. Avoid “hot” heat therapy as this can damage tissues which are not designed to withstand these temperatures, even though it feels good. Almost invariably someone using high heat therapy, ends up burning them self, if "hot" warming packs are used. Burns or deep tissue heat injury will increase the healing time for women with shoulder problems, wear clothing with sleeves, not off the shoulder designs.

Avoid Elbow movements as much as possible, but this treatment protocol is much less important in the Paill Spectrum model, than in the standard medical model of golfers elbow or tennis elbow or rotator cuff tendonitis.

  Hysterical Pain Crying and in Pain.

Ultrasound @ 3.0 Watts, 99% for 5-6 minutes over the distal median nerve as well as the proximal palms. This gives some relief immediately and good almost instant relief, obvious by the next morning. This treatment often only needs to be done several times a week for up to several weeks to give good long-term symptomatic relief. (Note, Dr. Xxxxx states that this treatment is often ineffective long-term in heavy manual workers).

 Ultrasound is useful for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, but it is also useful for Paill Spectrum hands. In Paill Spectrum, that area treated is larger than just the area over the median nerve at the wrist.

Paill Symptoms Paill Spectrum

Long-term Suggested Treatments Protocol for Sore Thick Hands:
Undertake Paill Spectrum treatment program if appropriate.
Goo Numbat Goo : There is however sufficient information on our other  web site to enable most practitioners to initiate and monitor treatment for a Paill Spectrum condition. :-|


Kinkajou Kinkajou :  So what is wrong with the standard medical model of these conditions? Why don’t they get better? Why can’t doctors fix people?

Dr Xxxxx DR Xxxxx : The answer lies in that the standard medical model may be wrong. The PaillSpectrum model may be a better explanation for the condition of tennis elbow ( a traction apophysitis), and its poor response to treatment, than the standard medical model of this condition.

Clinical Syndrome Paill Common Paill Spectrum Symptoms


When a doctor assesses a patient and uses the standard medical model to predict that the patient will get better, surprisingly the prediction he or she makes as to the course of the illness is wrong, because the model the doctor is using to predict the progress of the disease is wrong. For shoulder problems, the excuse most frequently trotted out is that there must be some arthritis present. This excuse cannot be used to explain elbow pain, as the elbow joint is well away from where the pain and tenderness due to arthritis is found. So the patient is blamed for not resting enough.


In the Paill Spectrum Disease Model of Tennis Elbow, Golfers elbow or Rotator Cuff Tendonitis, the disease causation is multifactorial. There are a number of important factors that if fixed, will result in improvement of symptoms.

Some of the risk factors for Paill Spectrum disease become risk factors in their own right. E.g. Vitamin B12 deficiency allows Paill Spectrum infection to becomes worse, but will also independently stop the shoulder tendons or elbow tendons from healing because the body does not have the “resources” to heal the damaged tissues. (Tendons).

Many Patients develop these symptoms and fail to get better spontaneously. They go to see their doctor. Usual medical treatment fails.

Multivitamins Paill Spectrum responds to multivitamins and multiminerals.