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Sports Performance

This web page discusses the conditions of golfers elbow as well as tennis elbow. We also discuss how Paill Spectrum affects the performance of sportsmen and sportswomen. Especially due to the deterioration of fine muscle control and proprioception ( the ability to know where you are , simply by feeling your body). careers end as sportspeople lose their edge. We discuss the observation that many people with this illness never get better.






Erasmus Erasmus : Sports Performance, Flat Spots for high Performance Athletes
Paill Spectrum causes a range of symptoms which can make high performance sports difficult or more dangerous.  :-[[

Currently, performance enhancing medications are banned. Paill Spectrum therapy is not performance enhancing. It merely stops deterioration or corrosion of the body’s systems that in the long term may affect performance.


Dr Xxxxx DR Xxxxx :  Key Elements in Paill Spectrum affecting Sports Performance include:

Dizziness or Loss of balance.
Patients typically wobble just a little bit more when they stand with their eyes closed. An extra wobble of just one or two millimetres at the Sportsperson level, can translate into much greater distance variation where a ball is thrown or kicked. So "balance" sense needs to be carefully preserved. Balance affects performance in most sports even for example, sports like golf. Poor balance will be a serious performance affecting issue for anyone competing at elite levels.

Loss of BalanceChecking Balance: standing against a measured background.

Dr Xxxxx DR Xxxxx :  Tender Areas:

There are a number of sore body parts, most notably elbows (tennis elbows, golfers elbows) and shoulder tendonitis), that can seriously impair a Sportsperson’s ability to undertake high performance sports. Most people and athletes put this down to overwork or simple strains from pushing yourself to hard. With usual treatment, these symptoms or problems may never disappear. The Sportsperson may end up a year later with the same symptoms in the same place and to the same extent, no matter that they have done their best to follow medical advice for the past year. The tendon tear syndromes cover a range of conditions of which tennis elbows, golfers elbows and sore shoulders are the most known. Many other body tendons can be affected by "chronic pain" from what is assumed to be a strain.

Checking for Tender Elbows Checking for tender elbow areas

Dr Xxxxx DR Xxxxx : relates that in his practice where patients really give a good history of injury to shoulder or elbow tendons , these patients recover fully as expected without treatment, within a few months at most. If there is just a simple strain really present they get better quite quickly and completely.

Other patients who have Paill Spectrum tendon damage, often fail to give a convincing history of serious injury. Where other Paill Spectrum symptoms, signs or blood tests are found, these patients typically have symptoms for a long time. These patients still blame simple "strains" for their problems, but perhaps other reasons for illness or failure to recover form illness, should begin to be suspected. :-<

Tyred? Tired? Tired ? Common in Paill Spectrum


Dr Xxxxx DR Xxxxx :  Chronic Fatigue:
Tired athletes are not good athletes. The difficulty comes when the athlete is told the tiredness is caused by just a "virus" by his or her doctor. However the symptom of tiredness never goes away,unlike the average viral infected person's symptoms. People stay tired and often indeed become more and more tired, with time.

Typically, in the long term , many patients with chronic fatigue begin to develop aches and pains. These are made worse with exercise and people begin to avoid exercise due to the prolonged discomfort triggered by activity. Early, there may be no specific sore spots. Even pressing may not trigger pain. The person affected just knows that their muscles are hurting.

Really Tyred? Really Tired !
Really common in Paill Spectrum.

Patients also often wake up feeling absolutely terrible in the morning and fail to get out of bed easily anymore. Eventually, they begin to sleep more and become less active. In the end, their performance peak slowly fades away over many months. Their athletic performance deteriorates.

Dr Xxxxx DR Xxxxx : Impulsiveness:

Self-explanatory: people are more likely to do more stupid things without thinking about other options. e.g. in a team sport, people are more likely to do what they want to do, without that split second thought about possible options. They often never consider the consequences of their actions. They soon get a reputation for just not quite doing the right thing.



Learn about the new technologies we will need to solve the problem of human behaviour. 
WWW.ENKtechs.COM "Health" " Paill"  "Health Record"

Learn About the genetic theory of personality in human behaviour "Enneagram"

Can personality determine the future of Civilizations. "Nations"




Dr Xxxxx DR Xxxxx : Easily Angered or Violent :-O
There was an interesting case in the media where a jockey had returned to horse riding and been involved in a fight with another jockey during the race. He had used his riding crop on the other rider. (This is not one of Dr. Xxxxx’s patients  and Dr. Xxxxx has no knowledge of the person’s medical history , so this discussion is all supposition based on the Paill Spectrum Theory). Interestingly, he had been forced to lose over ten kg in the months prior to his return to riding.

The Paill Spectrum model would predict that long term micronutrient deficiency (as would occur in weight loss starvation), would likely result in an acceleration of the Paill Spectrum Illnesses in the long term. Typical symptoms would involve for example “Jockey Rage”.

Angry Face Angry Faces : common in Paill Spectrum.

Another interesting example, was one Sportsperson with a history of bad behaviour / angry outbursts on the field. He was sacked by his club and forced to seek employment elsewhere. Within a few months, he was involved in a gouging / probing incident on field, resulting in further suspension from the sport. You would think he would realise that his second chance was going to be his last chance. 

In short, affected people cannot help how their mind works and it is only with difficulty that they can change their behaviour. People who behave badly probably do so for a reason, and for the same reasons often continue to do so.


Erasmus Erasmus : In the long-term, if the person is willing, education can always teach old dogs new tricks. In light of this, the long drawn out official complaints processes, usually highlights the bad behaviour to the individual long enough and intensely enough, to allow people to learn to behave in a newer more appropriate way.

The value of the punishment is not in the result in the end , but in the process of getting there.

Having a TV works for a number of reasons.


Patients who are having medical problems that are related to Paill Spectrum, are likely to have other problems as well. In fact because their problems are more severe to start with, they are likely to have an overall pattern of more severe problems with performance affecting medical issues. (Perhaps as mentioned in the above lists.) Sick people are not going to make good sportsmen or sportswomen, in the long term.
Sportsmen and women will need to seek appropriate effective treatment if they wish to remain in their sport long term- often for conditions where nothing seems to work.


Kinkajou Kinkajou : 

What Treatment Would be Recommended for Sportsmen
if You Suspect They Have 
Paill  Spectrum  symptoms?

Dr Xxxxx DR Xxxxx : Basic therapy is always a good safe place to start. The principles for treatment are the same for Paill Spectrum, no matter where the symptom is found. There is a single disease process so it responds to a single treatment package.

None of the Paill Spectrum treatment involves performance enhancing medications. The treatments are not banned for use by sportspersons. The PaillSpectrum Treatments essentially are performance preserving medications. 

The antibiotics are listed as “Product is permitted for use in sport”. However, all treatments should be checked as approved for use in sportsman, by the person’s usual medical practitioner prior to initiating any treatment. Rules, trends and guidelines for medication usage permission in sports may change.

Over the Counter Medicines OTC :
OTC : Over The Counter pharmacy meds.


Kinkajou Kinkajou : Brands of medications may be a problem also, as in the recent Australian case of medication adulteration by a Natural Therapies Company. E.g. Some patients found that their multivitamin contained substantial doses of laxative. This problem was well illustrated to Dr. Xxxxx. He relates that two patients were seeing him about chronic diarrhoea. Nothing could be found to help or explain the problem. The patients found the answer themselves. They noticed that when they stopped their multivitamin tablet, their diarrhoea went away. The company has since been deregistered in Australia, and standards have been tightened up. I think we can all safely expect that we are getting exactly what it says on the packet when we buy a vitamin or supplement, in this day and age .

Ocycodone PainkillersPainkillers and other real Medications.


 Erasmus Erasmus : In view of this, where your livelihood insists that medications are only to be used on a restrictive basis: check first and stick to known brands of medicine from recognised pharmaceutical companies. The fifty cents you save won’t be worth it if traces of steroids or non-steroidal medications are found to be adulterating your OTC (over the counter herbal medicine). Many countries in the world do not have as stringent standards for medical pharmaceutical products as is "usual" in many western countries. Additionally, many herbal medicines are complex mixes of chemical families. Don’t volunteer yourself to take these medicines. You may unwittingly find there are traces of banned substances in some of these, quite apparently harmless herbal medications. Stick to what you know to be safe. Check!